These tab list my work as a freelancer.

See my background page for full-time experience and education.

Most of my writing has been ghostwritten. Work that has been published in my name includes links.

Educational and Academic

  • Personal finance and a series on blockchain (all same client, iGrad)
  • Various clients: budgeting, credit cards, loans, bankruptcy, explainers on the Fed, fractional banking, others
  • Various articles on credit cards (both for consumer and more technically about processing)
  • Chapters in an online financial textbook:
    • Financial Statement and Ratio Analysis
    • Financial Markets and Institutions
    • Valuing Stocks and Bonds
    • An Introduction to Securities and Investing
    • Mutual Funds, REITs, and ETFs
    • Derivatives: Futures and Options
  • Explorations of various financial topics for CityFALCON (before joining full time)

Marketing and Business

  • FaaS (finance as a service) for a freelance CFO and accounting firm
  • For a CFD broker
  • Copy and marketing content for a US-Africa import/export business
  • Market research findings for photovoltaics company

Most of my writing has been ghostwritten. Work that has been published in my name includes links.

VBA Tutorials

All articles are technical and contain code examples and usually use cases to get the reader thinking.

Data Science

Introductory tutorials and explanations for those interested in data analysis and manipulation (non-coding). All on Springboard.


Mostly expository articles for the general public. However, I've also written more involved articles aimed at engineers, product managers, and similar technical people.

  • Basic explanatory series for public (at iGrad)
  • More technical article on sidechains vs mainchains
  • Use cases and anti-use cases (not everything is blockchain-able)

Virtual Mobile Infrastructure and Enterprise Mobility Management

Articles on VMI and EMM. Mostly explanatory of the tech, but also with slight marketing appeal (to CTOs, CIOs, product managers who want to implement mobility solutions). More recent article are credited on Hypori's blog, though they're not all mine.

  • How they work, structure, implementation
  • Security benefits
  • Comparisons of different EMM schemes (MDM, MIM, MAM, etc.)
  • Best Practices
  • Costs of implementation

A few projects I've coded (all VBA):

  • Automated bond rollovers at my first job at BNY Mellon (not freelance, but this is why I started teaching myself to code)
  • Deriving color themes from Powerpoints and generating multiple similar themes so clients could choose from subtle differences
  • Downloading images and generating Powerpoints which featured them
  • Analyzing and summarizing time sheets for a time keeper app for construction workers

Other jobs I've done as a freelancer

  • Defined benefit actuarial reports for an Australian accounting firm
  • Financial model proofreading for an SME business plan
  • Basic QA for the actuarial client's website